Conscious Lounging



We've made it our mission to become a more sustainable brand. Our journey is ongoing, but we will continue taking positive steps to create a better future for the planet. Read on to learn about everything we are doing. 



We Use Recycled Yarn

We create many of the styles in our collections from recycled polyester. We also make our swimwear range using REPREVE® yarn. Both of these processes work by transforming recycled bottles into fibres, which extends product lifespan and reduces the demand for new materials.
The REPREVE® process embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, and water repellency for a reliable, resilient yarn. So far, UNIFI, which makes REPREVE®, has recycled over 20 billion plastic bottles (and counting), helping to reduce plastic pollution.
You can find out more about REPREVE® via their website:


The GRS Certification

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) recognises all the recycled yarns we use. This certification verifies the amount of recycled material in a fabric composition and creates a transparent market, minimising harmful environmental and chemical impacts across the supply chain.
GRS certified recycled polyester provides assurance that materials in the final product are recycled and processed sustainably, thus reducing the harmful effects of production on people and the environment. The GRS also ensures all the relevant legal requirements are met concerning air emissions and follows International Labour Organization key conventions, which ban child labour and forced labour.
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Why We Love Organic Cotton

We love using organic cotton in our collections because it's super-soft, resilient and kinder to the planet.
Genetically Modified (GM) seeds are banned in organic practices, so instead, farmers save seeds each year, which is more sustainable. 
The way in which organic cotton is grown encourages healthier soil, which soaks up water during floods and rainfall and holds it for longer during droughts. Organic cotton farmers also use natural systems to grow their crops, including crop rotation, green manures and composting. In addition, they avoid using fossil-fuel-based fertilisers and synthetic pesticides for a cleaner environment that also protects workers.


GOTS Cotton Explained

In 2022, we introduced GOTS fibres into many of our collections. ‘GOTS’ stands for the ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’, the leading textile processing standard for organic fibres.
The GOTS is one of the more stringent certification standards as it ensures the cotton yarn remains organic from fibre through to the end garment. In addition, checks are performed at every phase of the production process to guarantee purity. 

GOTS cotton comes with an assurance of being free from hazardous substances, meeting environmental criteria while also having low toxicity and high biodegradability. Another positive factor is that the wastewater from the process is treated internally and externally before being discharged into the environment.

Finally, the GOTS ensures that social criteria are maintained, including worker health and safety alongside bans on forced employment, child labour, discrimination, violence and harassment. 


The Great Things About Modal 

We love using modal fabric in our sleepwear as it's super soft and breathable. Modal is made from beach wood and so it's also kinder to the environment due to its biodegradable properties. 


We Use Recycled Packaging

Our packaging is made from recycled materials to reduce our carbon footprint. We also use biodegradable polybags and opt for a paperless shipment and returns policy.



One Tree Planted When You Shop With Us

Trees support the planet in many ways, from cleaning the air and mitigating carbon, to capturing rainwater and reducing the risk of natural disasters. We believe that every tree matters, which is why we've teamed up with One Tree Planted and pledge to plant a tree on your behalf every time you make a purchase.
One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation that wants to make it easier for individuals and businesses to create a healthier climate. They work with reforestation partners across North America, South America, Asia and Africa. They aim to protect biodiversity and support reforestation efforts worldwide, which in the process, creates jobs, builds communities and protects habitats for biodiversity.
Since forming in 2014, One Tree Planted have planted over 40 million trees in more than 43 countries across the globe and more than doubled their impact in 2021 from the previous year, planting an incredible 23.5 million trees! 
You can find out more about One Tree Planted via their website or Instagram @onetreeplanted.


We Ship Via

To ship our goods, we have enrolled on a carbon offsetting scheme with freight forwarder Flexport calculates the amount of CO2 our freight volume produces, so we can purchase carbon credits through These credits include converting landfill gas to energy, reducing deforestation emissions, and wind and electricity projects. 


We will continue updating the details on this page as our long-term sustainability goals evolve. If you would like to find out more, please email your questions to