About Us


The Home Of Modern Lounging

Welcome to the home of Modern Lounging. We're Chelsea Peers, and comfort is our thing. We're on a mission to redefine what it means to lounge by creating high-quality clothing for life's laidback moments. Our sleepwear, loungewear, swimwear and accessories combine super-soft fabrics, diverse fits and original prints that capture the imagination. Compromise on quality? Never, not us!

What Is Modern Lounging?

Fashion rules are blurring. Long gone are the days of separate wardrobes — one for the 9-to-5, one for downtime, and everything in between. Instead, life is about finding a healthy balance. Modern Lounging prioritises comfort at all times, whether you're working from home in a hoodie, sipping bellinis on a beach in a bikini, or enjoying an afternoon of self-care in your favourite PJs. We want to help you live your best life by feeling comfortable, inside and out. Because with comfort comes confidence, and then anything is possible.

We Never Compromise On Quality

When it comes to quality, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Whether selecting only the softest, most resilient fabrics or ensuring our customer service is second to none. 
Our dedicated team of designers pour love and attention into each and every product — even the small details. The comfy elasticated waistband of our joggers. The laidback Revere collar of our nightshirts. The warm feeling when you open our carefully designed packaging. And in the unlikely event that your purchase isn't quite right, our returns policy means we can quickly get you lounging the way you deserve. 
We also make a conscious effort to choose sustainable approaches where possible. From introducing recycled packaging and planet-conscious fabrics to partnering with great environmental initiatives like One Tree Planted. Head over to our Sustainability webpage to find out everything we're doing.

Everyone’s Invited

From taking a sun-soaked siesta to snuggling down on a wintry night, lounging is universal, and we reflect this in our collections and community. We're all about inclusivity and have assortments that include Curve, Maternity and Kids. Whatever your background, wherever and whenever you decide to lounge, just know that you are always welcome here. 
We'd love to connect with you on Instagram, so make sure you follow us @chelseapeersnyc.

Capturing The Imagination

Chelsea Peers was founded by creatives for creative lifestyles. From super-luxe satin PJs to super-simple jersey lounge sets — we're all about duality in the wardrobe. We get our inspiration from nature, travel, retro fashion, bumble bees, fruit bowls, cockapoos, you name it! If it captures the imagination, count us in.

Everyone Is Possible

Born To Be Free

We believe in living a life full of colour, creativity and limitless possibility.
Think bold prints, big ideas and a playful spirit. Our unisex clothes encourage kids to express themselves and explore their world. But it goes beyond that. Whether it's creating next season's collection, picking fabrics or finding ways to be kinder to the planet, we push what's possible and break new ground in everything we do. Let's have some fun!

Empowering Kids Everywhere

Mini Peers encourages kids everywhere to express themselves. It means celebrating all their quirks and encouraging them to be who they want to be. Labels? Labels are for washing instructions. Our bold colours and prints are great for outfit experimentation. Bright orange paired with lime green. Zebra print paired with leopard print. However kids decide to dress, freedom starts with self-expression.